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Newt Pushes all the Republican Buttons–Obama Food Stamp President

Callista Remains Silent

As we are seeing Newt Gingrich’s meteoric rise in the Republican primaries I am reminded of how American politics has reached the point where the Congress has an all time low of public approval rating of 9%.  Too many politicians promising too much and trying to give everyone all the promises.

Newt is pushing all the Republican buttons that the Republicans dislike about the present Obama Administration to the point where not all of those buttons are true.  There is still a group of Republicans that think Obama was not born in Hawaii as stated on his birth certificate that he revealed last year. Recently, I was asked to give comment on the birth certificate getting to the Supreme Court.  I checked the Supreme Court docket for this session and the guy that originated the birth certificate turmoil did have a case on the docket.  It was about the Obamacare instead and it will receive an abundant amount of time for oral arguments. It seems that the Republicans want to slay their dragon called Obama so bad they believe and send out email with inaccurate claims against him.

Yes, the unemployment is easing but according to the Republicans Obama has it so bad that we won’t get out of the recession until he is gone. Even the Federal Reserve thinks that unemployment will not get better for three years or more.

Newt is pushing all the emotional buttons that Republicans want to believe as well as the ones that are true. So the emotions rush rampant and Newt gains from the button pushing that will only continue the same situation we had with Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. I am still trying to figure out what Obama is promising from his first presidential campaign except hope and change.

Now all the traditional Republicans are telling stories about how Newt is “this and that” it is clear that Newt is only about Newt and always has been. Even Nancy Pelosi is saying that she has negative stories about Newt.  The only reason that Republican voters are voting for Newt in the primary is he is pushing their buttons that they desperately want pushed to rid the country of the abomination that is Obama. People will see what they want to see.

Meanwhile Obama has answered Newt’s claim that Obama is the “Food Stamp President” by claiming that Bush is the real “Food Stamp President.”  But then the last three years we have heard the Obama mantra before.

“First of all, I don’t put people on food stamps. People become eligible for food stamps. Second of all, the initial expansion of food-stamp eligibility happened under my Republican predecessor, not under me. Number three, when you have a disastrous economic crash that results in 8 million people losing their jobs, more people are going to need more support from government.”

Barrack Obama, 2012



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Is South Carolina Bell-Weather Status Going to Prevail for the Republicans


Now that our favorite bombastic Republican Newt Gingrich, after attacking the media for allowing his ex-wife Marianne to out him as an adulterous husband has won the South Carolina primary. Can South Carolina still claim the bell-weather indicator maintain its status it has held since 1980?

First let us look at more than Newt’s personality that seems to be all about attack, attack and then attack some more.  Newt does not even have a complete campaign staff to help him through the upcoming primaries that he will need to gain enough votes to be elected the nominate. His staff in each state does not exist in most of the states where he will need help getting the grass-roots support out for him.  The best funded part of his campaign is the Super PAC fund that helped him through the South Carolina primary and they are desperately seeking contributors.

Let us look at what he has accomplished so far: He is in second place with the delegate count. He has motivated his Super PAC to spend lots of money hoping to detract voters from Mitt Romney. He was able to attack mainstream media during a campaign debate. Newt was able to win his first primary in an Evangelical Christian area known for supporting ultra-conservative candidates. The Speaker also had a favorable opinion of 54% compared to a favorable opinion of 14% of mainstream media. The women in South Carolina supported Newt even after he committed adultery not once but on his two previous wives.

It looks like Newt has a lot going for him in the perspective of feeling good. But can he sustain his campaign on feeling good, limited money, limited if not non-existent campaign staff and a general unfavorable opinion of him outside of South Carolina?  Too many people still remember Newt as the guy that shut down the government in the 90s hoping that he could win political points against Bill Clinton only to lose to the president. His confidence is extremely high and he claims that his supporters will give him the people’s mandate. They will prevail is what Newt told his supporters last night when the results were released.

It does indeed look like Newt Gingrich has many hurdles to overcome before he can become the nominee for the 2012 Republican Party.  The two most important elements are a lack of campaign support in each state and the lack of money in the bank.

At this point the appearance is that South Carolina will no longer be able to claim their bell-weather status for the GOP.

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Newt Helping Romney

It was obvious to the world that when Newt Gingrinch turned loose his Super PAC against Mitt Romney he was trying to get revenge from Romney’s Super PAC broadcasting negative advertisement against Newt.

South Carolina has been saturated with negative tidbits from Bain Capital this week and the next week. All to help Newt feel better about his negative political career being broadcast in Iowa. 

What is really happening with all this negative broadcasting?  Newt was booed today at a Huckabee Forum according to Drudge Report and airing this evening on Fox News.

Also Newt is helping the Romney team for the general election. Back in 1988 when Al Gore first brought up the Willie Horton jail release failure for Michael Dukakis the Democrats swept it under the rug attempting to hide the dirty linen. It came back to bite them during the general election when George W. H. Bush used the same jail release failure to demonstrate the Dukakis record in Massachusetts during his governorship. Dukakis was not able to overcome this failure of his record and lost the general election.

Newt will help Romney by bringing all and any actual dirty laundry from Bain Capital allowing Romney to overcome the his doomsayers in the primaries. This effort will then be a “Been there, Done that” issue for Romney in the general election when the Democrats try to undercut Romney.

Thanks for the help Newt.

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Husker Nation–Fans

Husker Stadium during game

Husker fans are the best fans in the country.  They are also the most fickle fans that grow passionate with their team as it passes into the off-season and the players are spending time in conditioning and the weight room gaining strength and ability to play football better next season. They also claim to be the most football knowledgeable fans in college football. The same fans know and understand what each player’s responsibilities are in each and every formation whether they are on the offense or the beloved Blackshirts. Rulebook knowledge is touted to be near perfect if not better. Each play is taken emotionally and  disappointment is strong if the play does not give their Huskers an advantage at the end of the play. Each offensive play should be a gain of 10 yards or more and often that play is expected to be for a touchdown. The Blackshirts are expected to sack the QB, tackle the running back for a loss, create a fumble or intercept a pass. This is what we all think of as normal for our expectations of the Huskers. We all know what should be done for each play and are tremendously disappointed when the coaches don’t make the calls to get our results.  We are also very proud of our 318 consecutive sell out crowds and counting a NCAA record way beyond the next closest streak owned by Notre Dame at 208 and counting. ND just about lost their streak this past year when they played Washington in South Bend. That won’t happen in Lincoln even with the stadium expansion that is sold out with the construction completion for the 2013 season.

Fans have been known to call talk radio and complain about the coach’s decision to call a play that was not successful and make the claim that they knew the play that would have worked and were indignant that the coach did not call the correct play. This has happened with the last four coaches and will continue long into the future as long as the University of Nebraska has a football team playing.  The most wonderful aspect of this fan base is all they have to do is have lived in the State of Nebraska, become a fan of the Huskers and last but least of all be an alum. As a past president of an alumni club we were encouraged by the Nebraska Alumni Association to accept all Husker fans in the local chapter even if they did not attend the university ever. They did request that we have chapter board members be alumni but that was not mandatory.

Each fan knows someone close to the football program if not on the inside knowing exactly what is going on behind the scenes and will tell anyone that will listen to them talk. I could tell stories about people that have told me what they knew about players and coaches and what was going on with their personal lives in intimate detail and way more than I wanted to know, TMI and then some. They go to great lengths to let everyone they know who is interested what they know. Most of those inside informers, if they are inside refuse to tell anyone what is going on to avoid the rumor mill. But that does not stop the stories from starting anywhere we Huskers meet with the insider knowledge claim.

As Husker fans, we do meet. Throughout our country we have Huskers that have traveled beyond our state’s borders and want to gather wherever we are with other equally rabid Husker fans and cheer our Huskers to victory.  The Alumni Association has an active list of “Watch Sites” on their website just so we can meet our fellow Husker fans where we live.

We take so much pride in our beloved Huskers that when they don’t play as well as we expect we use derogatory words to describe the coaches, players and the program they represent. We do not tolerate anything less than perfection of our Husker program well.

This off-season we are boiling over with the loss to South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl game.  Some are calling Bo Pelini an idiot that does not have the intelligence to coach up to our expectations from Bob Devaney and Dr. Tom Osborne. We refuse to understand that Bo has accomplished what few coaches have in their first four years at a BCS level of competition. Including the before mentioned Husker coaches. We also forget that Bob Devaney did not win his two national championships until his last three years. That Dr. Tom did not win his three national championships until his 22nd, 23rd and 25th year of coaching all of those years at Nebraska. We also neglect to remember that Bob and Dr. Tom both were able to win at a nine victory level for a period of 35 years. That our beloved Huskers only slipped below that level with the two coaches that followed those legends and both those coaches were terminated for losing more than was the standard at Nebraska.

We often forget that Bo Pelini is accepted by the coaches at the BCS and NFL level as a very good football coach that is expected to be above the vast majority of his peers as he has already proven to be at the four year point in his head coaching career at that nine win level and twice surpassing that level with ten wins. We also forget that Dr. Tom interviewed at Colorado because he felt the fans did not appreciate him for winning more than any other coach in Husker History did. We also forget that our program is continuing to maintain its position among the top four football programs in NCAA BCS history. Bo is doing an above average job as compared to Bill Callahan, that brought the first losing season in over 35 years and Frank Solich, which brought the first non-winning season to Nebraska in over 35 years.

Perhaps we need to look at those with the insider connections and realize what we are doing to ourselves.


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Are Sarah Palin and George Stephanopoulos Understanding What Needs to be Done

Sarah Palin claims that mainstream media and the Democrats want Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination so Barrack Obama can be re-elected according to her comments on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on FOX News on Saturday during the Republican debates in New Hampshire on ABC.

This was the same debate where George Stephanopoulos the ABC debate moderator attacked Romney with pointed questioning hoping to fluster and create controversy surrounding Romney’s path to the Republican nominee.

At this point we need to consider motives of both claims.

Sarah Palin represents the consensus view of the Tea Party and their push to make the Republican party more conservative and support the agenda of the fundamentalist Christian element of the Republican party and overturning Obamacare. The Tea Party was successful with preventing moderate Republicans from being re-elected in Republican primaries in the 2010 elections. Sarah Palin opted out of running for the presidency because she felt that she could have more of an impact working with the Tea Party.

George Stephanopoulos represents a very liberal leaning news media and has history working for a past Democratic administration. Stephanopoulos stepped away from politics to work in a media that has a strong liberal leaning agenda as demonstrated Saturday night.

Throughout American history political candidates have leaned further toward their base to gain the nomination and the majority of the voters in their political part. Once the nomination is achieved the nominee would establish a more moderate agenda for the general election to gain the more moderate independents that with their party members give them the majority of the voters and electoral college votes and gaining the presidency. The only exception was the last presidential election when President Obama never clearly presented his agenda until he was in office.

We have often heard throughout this exhaustive Republican party nomination process how each candidate claims he/she is the most conservative and represents the Republican party and its best chance to get elected to presidency and overturn Obamacare. It is clear that Romney is not the most conservative nominee in the Republican party this year. He is also not he most moderate candidate.

Now we look at which agenda is the most accurate and why.

As much as I like Sarah Palin personally, what she presents appears to be leading the conservative fundamental Christians down a path that places them as a minority in their own party. More and more Republicans outside the Tea Party realize that to have a strong conservative as their nominee will not give them what they want most: repealing Obamacare.

George Stephanopoulos represents a strong base of the Democratic party that wants desperately to have Obama re-elected so they can continue pushing America further toward liberal leaning programs and laws. They pushed Obamacare down America’s throat when it was clear at the time that over 60% of America did not want their government involved in their healthcare. Healthcare that was an Democratic goal of the Clinton administration and Teddy Kennedy for decades and became Obamacare.

We hear more and more Americans claiming that Obamacare must be repealed. The Democrats want to continue to push and still claim that once Americans understand what Obamacare gives to Americans those same Americans that do not want Obamacare will become happy with another government managed program that will be understood by Americans as a great and wonderful accomplishment.

It seems that both Sarah Palin and the Democratic party do not truly understand the best path to changing Congress and the Presidency and thereby overturning Obamacare. While the Democrats do not want to overturn their signature legislation they truly do not understand that Americans does not recognize their signature as a failure.

Sarah Palin does not recognize that a moderate leaning Presidential nominee will give them the best opportunity to gain the independent voters in America and overturning Obamacare.

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Newt Gingrich–Can he Win or Does He Want Revenge?

ABC News airing the latest Republican debate this morning showed that Newt Gingrich attacked Mitt Romney and it appeared that Gingrich was trying to derail Romney’s front runner status. Gingrich was working to overcome the Iowa negativity from a Political Action Committee (PAC) supporting Romney that detailed Gingrich’s history in political office.

All of Gingrich’s efforts were perceived as petty and a small-minded attempt to sooth Gingrich’s ruffled feathers.

As the primary season picks up in the next two weeks it will become clear who should stay in the race for the Republican nominee and who should drop out. The more presidential each candidate behaves the better chance for that candidate to gain the nomination.

It appears that now is the time for Gingrich to step aside and return to his consulting business where he can enjoy life away from the glare of the political stage that continues to show Newt as less than the outstanding person he wants to have the voters view him. It is clear as his voter approval dwindles and will continue slide. By staying longer than he should he will only alienate more voters against him.

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George Stephanopoulos–A Non-Biased Debate Moderator

Stephanopous Mess

ABC News commentator George Stephanopoulos directed and pointed hard-edged questions to Republican presidential candidates during Saturday night’s New Hampshire debate, often attacking without providing evidence to justify his broadsides.
This happened during the New Hampshire Republican debate on Saturday January 7th while it was expected that Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Perry would attack Romney instead it was Stephanopoulos representing ABC News that went on attack as described in the following as quoted from the Daily Caller:

When questioning former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Stephanopoulos, a former senior advisor in the administration of Democratic President Bill Clinton, premised some inquiries on the assertion — offered without supporting facts — that Romney’s job-creation statistics were inaccurate.

“Now, there have been questions about that calculation of 100,000 jobs. So if you could explain it a little more,” Stephanopoulos asked Romney of the former governor’s claims about jobs created by companies he has helmed. “I’ve read some analysts who look at it and say that you’re counting the jobs that were created but not counting the jobs that were taken away. Is that accurate?”

“No, it’s not accurate,” Romney bluntly responded. “It includes the net of both. I’m a good enough numbers guy to make sure I got both sides of that.”

Stephanopoulos did not cite any analysts by name.

In another line of questioning, Stephanopoulos asked Romney if he believes “that states have the right to ban contraception, or is that trumped by a constitutional right to privacy?”

Romney responded by questioning Stephanopoulos’ logic and his choice to raise a hypothetical situation that would never happen.

“You’re asking — given the fact that there’s no state that wants to do so, and I don’t know of any candidate that wants to do so — you’re asking could it constitutionally be done?” Romney asked, with a hint of incredulity.

Stephanopoulos, undeterred, pressed Romney again: “I’m asking you, do you believe that states have that right or not?”

Amid a chorus of “boos” from the audience, Romney again parried the impossible hypothetical.

“George, I don’t know whether a state has a right to ban contraception,” Romney responded. “No state wants to. I mean, the idea of you putting forward things that states might want to do that no state wants to do, and asking me whether they could do it or not, is kind of a silly thing, I think.”

Read more:

Stephanopoulos a former senior advisor in the administration of Democratic President Bill Clinton before moving to the broadcast media carries the Democratic mantra that seems to fear Romney in the upcoming presidential election against Barrack Obama this coming November.

It is apparent that Romney is rapidly becoming the de facto Republican candidate according to Stephanopoulos’s behavior and clear intent to do everything in his power to derail Romney’s path to the Republican nominee.

What was ABC management doing with such a blatant act against Romney by sacrificing its supposed media neutrality position?  Are we going to have an election season where major networks entice and order their reporters to use misleading question with doubtful veracity attempting to sway public thinking against Obama’s opponent?

The Republic party has long made claims of media bias for the Democratic party and by the behavior of ABC staff and on-air personalities last night the bias claim appears to have become flagrant.

What has happened to just reporting the news?

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