Bo Pelini Inspires His Players and Coaches

Bo Pelini

Bo has shown a tremendous understanding of the process of teaching and enabling his players to grow and become not just above average football players but outstanding young men that represent the University of Nebraska and the state of Nebraska by default being the only major university in the state.

The level of professional talent was there when Bo arrived on campus in the after-life from his predecessor. We have seen many of those players develop and grow into BCS level talent.  Suh was able to develop his talent and became a major presence in the then Big 12 and now in the NFL especially under the 2-year tutelage of Pelini. We have seen Lavonte David grow in Bo’s defensive scheme into an All-American as well. The defensive backs Dennard, Prince and others that have done very well under Pelini as well. Defensive player development of existing talent is definitely one of Bo’s strong points. 

The largest weakness is Bo’s not having an offensive coordinator that can build a solid offense and over run opposing defenses. Dr. Tom Osborne counseled Bo to keep Shawn Watson as offensive coordinator because the system worked and the personnel was in place to continue with the West Coast Offense (WCO.) He also had a quarterback, Joe Ganz, in place that not only knew the system but had the talent to make the WCO system work and work very well. Joe Ganz did so well they hired him as a graduate assistant and he is working with Taylor Martinez along with owning several school single game and seasonal passing records. But Watson was not able to make the shift over to what Bo desires as his offense and they parted way last year. The new OC Tim Beck took over as a first time OC and has done a good job for his first year with two new first time assistants.  He and his staff will get better and in time the Husker Nation will rue when he leaves for greener pastures. But Beck is going through a growing process that all of us has traveled through in our careers.  A new position and going down the learning curve.

Husker Nation fans were trained by Dr. Tom to enjoy and appreciate power football and consistency in their performance. There have been many years in Husker History where the team led the nation in rushing and were able to overpower each and every team with the exception of Oklahoma. We were trained to love power football and think we know everything there is to know about power football and how to bruise and batter opposing teams. We also do not understand why the Huskers don’t win each and every game for our gratification. We have expectations and are hurt personally when those expectations are not met.

This year one of the greatest hurdles the team had was to learn and develop a game plan for the new conference (B1G) where we have not met any of the teams in many years and did not have the history of playing eight teams very capable of playing and beating our beloved Huskers at any given time and game.This hurdle made the job for the coaching staff the most difficult task possible. The second and third hurdles were inexperience and injuries.

Every player that goes through Bo’s pre-game motivation will testify that Bo is one of the best speakers and motivators in Bowl Championship Series (BCS) level if not all of collegiate football. Everyone comes out of the meetings wanting to give Bo his best effort on the field.

It appears that Bo is going to stay with the Husker Nation and we will be rewarded down the road with very capable football teams and many years of top-10 level teams.  Consistency will happen over time as Bo continues to put his stamp on the team and what he demands from the Husker football program.



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  1. Nicholas Kentopp

    Very insightful and comprehensive study on what I’d like to know but don’t have the time to research and find out myself.

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