Obama Announces Recess Appointments–Washington DC Dysfunctional


We are struggling through political times when both Barrack Obama and George W. Bush have had to utilize their “recess appointment” constitutional option to fill open positions in their administration.

Congress has taken the political issue to obstruct or prevent the desired appointments through normal channels and processes to make political points. Both parties have done this dastardly deed and with the next president it can be sagely assumed that the opposition party will continue the practice as well unless stopped.

The conservative pundits are outrageously damning Obama for his recent appointment with Rush Limbaugh calling Obama administration a “Lawless Regime.” Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi says that she is glad that Obama made a “bold” decision and named his recess appointments. Washington DC is functioning at its political best.

The problem is very simple. Congress and the Administration are dysfunctional.

Presently there are term limits for the president. Why can’t we have term limits for Congress as well. It has become obvious to any normal American that Congress needs to limit the time served by Congress as well. We have too many Congressmen and women that have overstayed their useful purpose and are currently using their time in service to bludgeon any administration into inaction.

Term limits would be a first step to correcting the sad perception of Congress that has less than a 10% approval of Americans.


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One response to “Obama Announces Recess Appointments–Washington DC Dysfunctional

  1. Nicholas Kentopp

    Good points. Term limits are a good start and is something that could be accomplished by public demand being high enough. This is something that would actually be a start to turn the “dysfunction” the other way.

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