The Obamas–A Book by Jodi Kantor

Why is it so easy to point and tell stories about people in the spotlight?

Ms. Kantor wants to tell everyone that Michelle Obama was upset with both her husband and his staff. That Michelle frustrated Rahm Emmanuel to the point Rahm wanted to resign before he returned to Chicago to become the mayor of the Windy City. The book states that Rahm refuses to confirm that claim.

Yet Michelle is portrayed as a master motivator that kept in the background and only dealt with Barrack.

This book appears to want to give Michelle the woman that did not have any pride in America until her husband was elected to the presidency a clean bill if health. The same woman that now likes to have the children that mistakenly called her Your Majesty to be called Your Majesty is a mother behind the scenes and cares only about her husband and children.

Is this another attempt by an author to sugar coat a story and make the first couple look better than they are?


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