Husker Nation–Fans

Husker Stadium during game

Husker fans are the best fans in the country.  They are also the most fickle fans that grow passionate with their team as it passes into the off-season and the players are spending time in conditioning and the weight room gaining strength and ability to play football better next season. They also claim to be the most football knowledgeable fans in college football. The same fans know and understand what each player’s responsibilities are in each and every formation whether they are on the offense or the beloved Blackshirts. Rulebook knowledge is touted to be near perfect if not better. Each play is taken emotionally and  disappointment is strong if the play does not give their Huskers an advantage at the end of the play. Each offensive play should be a gain of 10 yards or more and often that play is expected to be for a touchdown. The Blackshirts are expected to sack the QB, tackle the running back for a loss, create a fumble or intercept a pass. This is what we all think of as normal for our expectations of the Huskers. We all know what should be done for each play and are tremendously disappointed when the coaches don’t make the calls to get our results.  We are also very proud of our 318 consecutive sell out crowds and counting a NCAA record way beyond the next closest streak owned by Notre Dame at 208 and counting. ND just about lost their streak this past year when they played Washington in South Bend. That won’t happen in Lincoln even with the stadium expansion that is sold out with the construction completion for the 2013 season.

Fans have been known to call talk radio and complain about the coach’s decision to call a play that was not successful and make the claim that they knew the play that would have worked and were indignant that the coach did not call the correct play. This has happened with the last four coaches and will continue long into the future as long as the University of Nebraska has a football team playing.  The most wonderful aspect of this fan base is all they have to do is have lived in the State of Nebraska, become a fan of the Huskers and last but least of all be an alum. As a past president of an alumni club we were encouraged by the Nebraska Alumni Association to accept all Husker fans in the local chapter even if they did not attend the university ever. They did request that we have chapter board members be alumni but that was not mandatory.

Each fan knows someone close to the football program if not on the inside knowing exactly what is going on behind the scenes and will tell anyone that will listen to them talk. I could tell stories about people that have told me what they knew about players and coaches and what was going on with their personal lives in intimate detail and way more than I wanted to know, TMI and then some. They go to great lengths to let everyone they know who is interested what they know. Most of those inside informers, if they are inside refuse to tell anyone what is going on to avoid the rumor mill. But that does not stop the stories from starting anywhere we Huskers meet with the insider knowledge claim.

As Husker fans, we do meet. Throughout our country we have Huskers that have traveled beyond our state’s borders and want to gather wherever we are with other equally rabid Husker fans and cheer our Huskers to victory.  The Alumni Association has an active list of “Watch Sites” on their website just so we can meet our fellow Husker fans where we live.

We take so much pride in our beloved Huskers that when they don’t play as well as we expect we use derogatory words to describe the coaches, players and the program they represent. We do not tolerate anything less than perfection of our Husker program well.

This off-season we are boiling over with the loss to South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl game.  Some are calling Bo Pelini an idiot that does not have the intelligence to coach up to our expectations from Bob Devaney and Dr. Tom Osborne. We refuse to understand that Bo has accomplished what few coaches have in their first four years at a BCS level of competition. Including the before mentioned Husker coaches. We also forget that Bob Devaney did not win his two national championships until his last three years. That Dr. Tom did not win his three national championships until his 22nd, 23rd and 25th year of coaching all of those years at Nebraska. We also neglect to remember that Bob and Dr. Tom both were able to win at a nine victory level for a period of 35 years. That our beloved Huskers only slipped below that level with the two coaches that followed those legends and both those coaches were terminated for losing more than was the standard at Nebraska.

We often forget that Bo Pelini is accepted by the coaches at the BCS and NFL level as a very good football coach that is expected to be above the vast majority of his peers as he has already proven to be at the four year point in his head coaching career at that nine win level and twice surpassing that level with ten wins. We also forget that Dr. Tom interviewed at Colorado because he felt the fans did not appreciate him for winning more than any other coach in Husker History did. We also forget that our program is continuing to maintain its position among the top four football programs in NCAA BCS history. Bo is doing an above average job as compared to Bill Callahan, that brought the first losing season in over 35 years and Frank Solich, which brought the first non-winning season to Nebraska in over 35 years.

Perhaps we need to look at those with the insider connections and realize what we are doing to ourselves.



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4 responses to “Husker Nation–Fans

  1. Harvey

    As fans we want to win every game played , Osborne is a good example of not winning the “big one” , remember Oklahoma ? My concern is Pelini’s speeches before the media telling us how hard the team is practicing and being ready to play and the team lays an egg and is not competitive , How do you explain the game results to anyone who watched last nights BCS game . Let’s be ready for the coming season , GO BIG RED !!!

  2. If you recall the game the Huskers played a very good first half that was ended with a Hail Mary that the team had practiced against and failed to stop. It put them down going into the half. Then the offense had errors that further put the nails in the coffin.
    As you may recall i have refereed football for over 25 years and saw many times when the Mighty Mo was changed. That Hail Mary pass was a momentum change that did have a bearing. With that said the turnovers in the second half were when the kids let down.

  3. Derek Johnson

    Great thoughts; there is some complaining about Pelini, and he’s not perfect. If he’d gotten rid of Shawn Watson when he got here, he likely would have gotten into the BCS, most likely in 2009 or 2010.

    Here are my post about Nebraska football:

    Toward the end, you’ll find my recap of the Capitol One Bowl. What disappointed me most of that game was that Nebraska came out super-prepared and took advantage of a Steve Spurrier team that was unprepared for a bowl game, as his teams usually are. (Remember the Fiesta Bowl, 1996?) But they blow their opportunities; if they had at least made a couple of field goals and not allowed the Hail Mary TD, they’d have at least made South Carolina work to beat them. (They were a vastly better team, no question.)

    Keep up the good work.

    • Should-haves can be evil. Shawn had a very good year with Joe Ganz in place. Joe was by far the man that made the WCO work. That was proven when Joe took over for the Kelly kid with a broken collarbone and set records during the Callahan era. Shawn’s second year with a QB that was not in the system as long as Joe had it tough.
      Pelini will most likely go down as a big winner if he can figure out how to get to the next level with his players. He does have one trait that is common with Dr. Tom: his players are very loyal to him. Bo asks a lot of his players and gets it from most of them. There is a strong emphasis on academics and that is a Husker Tradition that has not been broken by the seceding coaches to Dr. Tom. Notre Dame cannot compare it list of Academic All-Americans to Nebraska’s list. There is an understanding within the players that they are in Lincoln to get an education and to play football for a Traditional BCS contender. We get to watch enjoy the ride.

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