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Lance Armstrong Charges Dropped

lance armstrong out climbing everyoneLance Armstrong has been fighting charges from the Los Angeles Federal Prosecutor for the last two years that stemmed from what his distractors claimed was his use of illegal drugs to win seven Tour de France championships. There were people that claimed to have seen him inject drugs into his body. There were people that were trying to assert their claims that he used drugs to enhance his biking performance to win championships that elevated him to the only man in history that has won more than five Tour de France championships.

alberto contadorIn the time since Lance won his last championship, two riders have been disqualified for testing positive for illegal drugs in their body. Alberto Contador was the latest when he was determined to have tested for clenbuterol in 2010 Tour de France and his appeals process started. Now in February of 2012 he was determined to have used the drug illegally and his title was vacated.

floyd_landis_001Floyd Landis was tested for testosterone in 2006 during the Tour de France his title was vacated after his appeal process was completed.

The question we all are asking is how each case is different and is Lance Armstrong guilty enough to go to jail and have all seven of his Tour de France titles vacated? The basic difference comes down to one simple fact. Lance was tested hundreds of times. Each and every test result was negative. for drug in his system. All the rumors and innuendo are not enough to take him to criminal court and convict him with insufficient evidence. The actual evidence was not there. Now to use the OJ analysis: “If the glove does not fit you can’t convict.”

lance and alberto

We will never know for sure if Lance used drugs.  I have talked to many people that are active in the Pro Racing Circuit as racers and support personnel. They are adamant that drugs are used and the testing still lags the doping. So as long as that is the prevailing course of action we will have doping rampant in the Pro Biking Circuit.


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