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Is the End in Sight?

President Obama is facing the Supreme Court Ruling with media pundits saying that Obamacare is about to be overturned. That this is the end for the flagship accomplishment for the Obama administration and the chances of Obama being re-elected rapidly falling.

All polls have indicated in the last three years that 68% of Americans did not want their government controlling and mandating health care coverage.  After the case has maneuvered its way through the court system and the Supreme Court heard the case arising from a Florida court with 26 states requesting that Obamacare be overturned for its individual mandate all indications from the pundits is that the law will be overturned.

Once again if the courts so rule in late June when they release we will get the complete and final chapter on the request to overturn Obamacare. Until then the pundits are only hoping they know what is going on in the minds of the Supreme Court justices.

Meanwhile if the approaching June decision overturns Obamacare then we can say that we have seen the initial stages of the mainstream media playing a negative slant for the Obama administration. We have seen the  Huffington Post blame the conservative members of the Supreme Court not only disapproving but anti healthcare mindset.  NPR reported all the comments as they were stated and let the public know what was said during oral arguments.

Mainstream media is not the ardent supporter of the Obama administration as they were the candidate and during the first two years of Obama’s present and most likely his last term.


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