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Last Monday April 2, 2012 my dear friend Megan suffered seizures and was unable to move necessitating her seven year-old daughter Annemarie to open the door allowing EMT to enter their home to administer aid to her mother. Annemarie dressed and accompanied her mother to the hospital for her mother’s treatment. As Megan lives in Plano, Texas the Plano police were called into the situation and assisted all. Once it was determined that Megan needed to stay in the hospital overnight Annemarie’s father Alan was called. He arrived and took custody of Annemarie.

This man took the action with the assistance of Plano, Texas police to learn what his ex-wife’s health was and then immediately filed action with the Dallas County family court to have Megan removed from joint custody and block any visitation with Annemarie based on the Megan’s medical condition as he was advised by the Plano police. The only way that it has been determined how Alan was allowed to know of Megan’s health was via his court filing where he states specifically which Plano police officer advised him and his actions pursuant to that privileged information to remove a woman that has suffered seizures in her life only after being married to him.

Once we learn that seizures occur after trauma to the brain from one method or another do we begin to understand what this man is. Megan has received several blows to her head directly from Alan’s hand. He was arrested and charged with assaulting Megan in Dallas County. Now he uses the Plano police to assist him gaining access to confidential medical information that should be protected by HIPPA requirements. Yet the Plano police saw fit to advise Alan of Megan’s medical condition.

What is the Plano Police doing freely advising Alan of Megan’s medical condition? Why did they advise Alan of Megan’s medical condition?

Can anyone tell me why people that are employed to uphold the law freely give information that someone is not legally able to have access act in a federally criminal manner? Should they be held to the same standards that the American public is required to maintain? Then allow the individual that they gave that information to illegally to fight for total custody of a child using that illegally obtained information.

Where is the justice?

Shouldn’t this child be touted as a hero for helping her mother get to the hospital and stay with her to assist as any loving family member would? I know that the next time I see Annemarie I will praise her for helping her mother.


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