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The Amateur

I recently read the book “The Amateur” by Edward Klein. It was one of the first non-fiction book that I felt compelled to finish and not set aside hoping to relieve my boredom. As I think back about the book it seems that I was hearing an inside gossip story about Obama and his staff at the White House.
It compelled me to look at the reliability of Klein’s statements and his history I took the natural step and looked him up on Google. Low and behold the only reports I saw were negative reviews on Klein and his previous books from the left-leaning liberals.  There was one comment that claimed even the conservatives did not believe Klein’s books and stories. The Democratic attack dogs are in full attack mode.
Yet, I was unable to find any articles written from any conservative perspective. Was I to believe that the only people that felt they needed to comment were the liberals? There was one article that challenged Klein’s ethics in how he questioned Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s preacher that was shunted aside by Obama when it became known that Wright preaches racial bigotry and intolerance to his church.  Klein had reported that Wright was offered $150,000 indirectly to stop his speaking out and creating a potential negative to Obama’s 2008 campaign. Every politico has one or more of those types in his or her background. Obama’s happened to be an overt racist and bigot.
Since the Clinton administration the Democrats have taken a strong stance to portray the individual that writes or brings any embarrassing subject to the media as less than a solid citizen and one that is only bearing a grudge against the Democrat that is being attacked. There is a strong case made that the story is less than quality journalism and should be shunted aside as pure rubbish.  The attack-dogs are attacking the man behind the story as not credible and implying that the story is rubbish from a man that only prints rubbish.
There is no doubt that Obama has many of the characteristics described in Klein’s book. Many people that have written about Obama have mentioned the same characteristics. The only one that I was not completely familiar with was “thin-skinned” in Klein’s description how Obama reacted to any criticism of Obama’s policies or Obama’s managerial talent.
The Obama administration is now on its fourth Chief of Staff. Klein outlines several personal conflicts with each one with Valerie Jarrett and how she appears to have both Barrack and Michelle’s personal confidence.  It is very important that the people that work for you have your trust and you know that they will do what is best for the country and you as president.
Yet from the 2008 Presidential Campaign until today there has been a strong undercurrent this administration has done nothing of substance warranting their position in the White House? Obama is known as a very substantial speaker and ability to persuade people to his side of any argument. Why was Chicago not given the Olympics after Obama’s full court press on the Olympic Committee?
If we are to doubt Klein’s conclusion we would have to look at what the Obama Administration has done for United States of America. Obama directed his energies toward Healthcare that the people don’t want as indicated by the poll numbers of 60% + against his signature legislation. We have an economy that is going nowhere. The Arabs show less respect for America now than they did when George W. Bush was president.
Somewhere the truth lies between what the naysayers say and what Klein says. Now we all get to determine who is closer to the truth. With the Obama political machine and how they convinced everyone that voted for Obama that he was messianic I suspect that most people believe Klein.


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Number of the Week: Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits

The  Census Bureau keeps us appraised of what is going on in our lives. The following graph indicates that as of the first quarter of 2011 our beloved country has 49.1% of the population living in a household that receives some government assistance.

Stretching the Net

We can quibble over the number that is not really 50% or half of the population. But we would only be fooling ourselves that we are steadily moving to a society where we want to have the government take care of us rather than work for our hard earned money.

This number tells us that there is only some government assistance not total assistance for those homes.  But as the graph shows the percentage of the population is growing rapidly and will most likely surpass the 50% mark if that mark has not already been passed as we are now firmly in the year 2012.

So what does that mean to you and me?

I know a woman with a seven year-old daughter that is on disability and receives Medicaid care through the government as well. She really wants to have Obamacare to be put in place so she won’t have to burden herself with healthcare. This woman was more than capable of taking care of herself as a CPA until her health degenerated due repeated beatings to her head from her then husband.

We have all heard the stories about how a grandmother has told her grown daughter that she is the bread winners in the family now that she is child bearing age and can increase the family income by bearing more children. The following website documents the story:

This path is only taking our beloved country faster toward a socialist government that cares for its voters and forcing the rich to pay for the poor. What happens when the rich no longer have any money?

Personally I would rather be homeless and live in a tent than take money from the government.



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Lately presidential politics have heated up. Obama is attacking Romney for being a capitalist and CEO of Bain Capital. His claim is that Romney did not create any jobs while at Bain Capital. Obama claims that Romney only took jobs away from the working class people. Fellow Democrats let it be known that Obama should not attack the free market that we all desire. Romney tells anyone that listens that Obama does not understand the economy and that is why our economy is doing so poorly.  When the unemployment is as high as it is a sitting president cannot expect to be re-elected.
The LA Times printed an article about Mrs. Romney’s expensive hobby riding expensive horses. Meanwhile Mrs. Obama’s extensive European vacations on the taxpayer’s bill are ignored.
Both candidates stay away from Romney’s record at Governor of Massachusetts. Why is that? Romney was more centrist than Obama and my actually appeal to the independent voters that will ultimately decide who will be the next president with each side believing their candidate’s rhetoric and will vote the party line.
We have yet to see if the Supreme Court will overturn Obamacare and further weaken Obama’s signature legislation. The other day one of Obama’s accountants decided that the Obama budget was attributed to George W. Bush up until the September after Obama took office. Thus they were able to claim that Obama has drastically reduced the deficit and is on track to have the smallest deficit since before Reagan.
This is May and the election is not until the first Tuesday in November. How can it heat up any more than it has already?
How can anyone believe Washington DC with all the partisan bickering and constant finger pointing at someone else. What they are doing wrong while they should be correcting their own actions instead? We are continually reminded that there is an equal amount of diehard Democrats to diehard Republicans and it is the independents that actually make the difference.
Why would Americans think that a man that made a fortune in capital investment not be a viable candidate for president?
Yet again, why would Americans think that a community organizer be the end all to all of the country’s problems?
Recently it was reported that the Obamas are worth about $10,000,000. It is not clear to me how community organizing can be so profitable. Who pays a community organizer and how do they amass up to $10,000,000? When the private sector is reducing health benefits to their employees and the public sector is desperately trying to renegotiate public union contracts to reduce the burdens on the stock holders and the taxpayers. How does a community organizer gain so much to stash away that much money.
Perhaps there is something to the following definition I stumbled upon the other day.


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Public Unions – Cost Effective?


Over the last year Scott Walker, Governor Wisconsin has been fighting the public union employees against a recall over a law that Walker pushed through the legislature a law requiring public sector union members to pay part of the cost of health insurance and pensions, limited pay rises, made paying union dues voluntary and forced unions to be recertified every year.
The Unions were costing the government excessively for several reasons. One of the most egregious costs was associated with the union’s health insurance. The union had negotiated to have one health insurance company that increased its cost each year to the point where the health insurance expense was not competitive. It was later proven that the union had invested its pension fund in the health insurance company and wanted to pad their own pockets.
Meanwhile since 911 police and fire departments have campaigned as heroes that sacrifice their lives for the good of the public and thus deserve high pay and great retirement pensions with full benefits. These unions wield power in their local cities and are effectively bankrupting those local governments.
One example is a policeman in Omaha, Nebraska has been serving the city of Omaha for 20 years and will be able to retire at $90,000 a year plus full benefits. There is a clause in the contract with the city that allows both police and fire department retirees to work overtime in the last year enabling that pay to apply to their pension and giving the retiree a pension check that was equal to his annual pay the last year of service. But with the overtime pay allowing that retiree to boost his pay above and beyond his annual pay and creating a windfall for the retiree. I can also point to a recent Omaha fire department Captain retiring at full pay by working overtime his last year and allowing him to have a pension equal to his annual salary his last year before he worked the overtime. The city of Omaha is approaching bankruptcy to pay these pensions over the lifetime of retired civil servants.
Public employees such as fire, police and teachers were always allowed to protect their positions because they were not paid as much and the benefits were excessive to keep valuable employees from leaving for the private sector and getting paid market wages. The public servants are no longer paid lower than the private sector and still have better benefits that the private sector.
imageGovernor Walker appears to have a solid lead over his Democratic challenger and will survive the recall. The people have discovered what the public unions are costing and want to lower their tax burden.
Recently Californians are retrenching and looking at their budgets woes. Second time Governor Brown is putting a referendum before the people forcing them to decide the path out of their budget crisis. Yet the unions in California are actively proposing a move to communism to protect their way of life with the government supporting them with increased pay and benefits.
Those same unions support immigration reform to help them boost their political party’s strength against the Tea Party and Republicans desire to reduce both illegal immigration and keep a balance in the government.
It is understood that President Obama wants to do whatever he can to grant illegal Mexicans citizenship hoping to give his party and him additional leverage and political clout to further his desire to move United States of America to socialism and then communism. It is believed by the Democrats that the Mexicans will want to vote Democratic and would boost the Democrats in Congress and the White House.
imageAfter seeing the Democrats in control of the House of Representatives and the Senate allowing them to push Obamacare down the throats of Americans will we be able to claim our beloved country as one of the leading capitalist countries in the free world. But that brings the question: Is the USA a capitalist country? The country that I grew up in has changed drastically the last half of the 20th Century. Public Education has degraded to the point that we are no longer the leading country in education. Our children are being taught to the normal child and all children are taught that they are able to do anything and be anything they want to be without working to achieve that goal. My oldest daughter told me that she wanted to be a doctor when she was four years old. In kindergarten she was working very hard to make sure she got good grades and understood the classwork so she could get into medical school. As she grew it was decided that she attend a private Catholic girls only school. She received a good education. She also had a very structured school environment that emphasized school work and academics. My son was allowed to attend public school where he learned that he could skate by and not cause trouble and graduate from high school doing only what he had to do to graduate. There was no incentive to excel at academics for him. One day I followed along at his high school. One of his teachers was impressed with him because he was able to figure out the answer to a problem that the class thought was a trick question. It was a simple algebraic equation that required the student to multiply by zero to get the answer. He and one other student knew the answer was zero as you cannot multiply by zero and get a numeric answer. This teacher had been in the public school system for 30 years. He was further surprised when I told him that I looked at the equation and told him that it took me only one look and I knew the answer as well. Apparently I learned more math than the math teacher did in high school and college. The teacher only knew the answer after looking at the answer book and studying the equation to understand the answer. Our public schools are giving our children a Third-World Education. My son, age 25 works as a part-time cashier at a retail company. My oldest daughter, age 30 is a fourth-year surgical resident at a hospital.
Public Unions have increased taxes, padded pockets of union members, given away more benefits than we have in the private sector and dumbed down the education of our children. We will see if the voters of Wisconsin agree with me during the recall election June 5th. Will they support Governor Walker or allow the public employees to further their demands that we support them with increased taxes further burdening our society.

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