Lately presidential politics have heated up. Obama is attacking Romney for being a capitalist and CEO of Bain Capital. His claim is that Romney did not create any jobs while at Bain Capital. Obama claims that Romney only took jobs away from the working class people. Fellow Democrats let it be known that Obama should not attack the free market that we all desire. Romney tells anyone that listens that Obama does not understand the economy and that is why our economy is doing so poorly.  When the unemployment is as high as it is a sitting president cannot expect to be re-elected.
The LA Times printed an article about Mrs. Romney’s expensive hobby riding expensive horses. Meanwhile Mrs. Obama’s extensive European vacations on the taxpayer’s bill are ignored.
Both candidates stay away from Romney’s record at Governor of Massachusetts. Why is that? Romney was more centrist than Obama and my actually appeal to the independent voters that will ultimately decide who will be the next president with each side believing their candidate’s rhetoric and will vote the party line.
We have yet to see if the Supreme Court will overturn Obamacare and further weaken Obama’s signature legislation. The other day one of Obama’s accountants decided that the Obama budget was attributed to George W. Bush up until the September after Obama took office. Thus they were able to claim that Obama has drastically reduced the deficit and is on track to have the smallest deficit since before Reagan.
This is May and the election is not until the first Tuesday in November. How can it heat up any more than it has already?
How can anyone believe Washington DC with all the partisan bickering and constant finger pointing at someone else. What they are doing wrong while they should be correcting their own actions instead? We are continually reminded that there is an equal amount of diehard Democrats to diehard Republicans and it is the independents that actually make the difference.
Why would Americans think that a man that made a fortune in capital investment not be a viable candidate for president?
Yet again, why would Americans think that a community organizer be the end all to all of the country’s problems?
Recently it was reported that the Obamas are worth about $10,000,000. It is not clear to me how community organizing can be so profitable. Who pays a community organizer and how do they amass up to $10,000,000? When the private sector is reducing health benefits to their employees and the public sector is desperately trying to renegotiate public union contracts to reduce the burdens on the stock holders and the taxpayers. How does a community organizer gain so much to stash away that much money.
Perhaps there is something to the following definition I stumbled upon the other day.



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