Number of the Week: Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits

The  Census Bureau keeps us appraised of what is going on in our lives. The following graph indicates that as of the first quarter of 2011 our beloved country has 49.1% of the population living in a household that receives some government assistance.

Stretching the Net

We can quibble over the number that is not really 50% or half of the population. But we would only be fooling ourselves that we are steadily moving to a society where we want to have the government take care of us rather than work for our hard earned money.

This number tells us that there is only some government assistance not total assistance for those homes.  But as the graph shows the percentage of the population is growing rapidly and will most likely surpass the 50% mark if that mark has not already been passed as we are now firmly in the year 2012.

So what does that mean to you and me?

I know a woman with a seven year-old daughter that is on disability and receives Medicaid care through the government as well. She really wants to have Obamacare to be put in place so she won’t have to burden herself with healthcare. This woman was more than capable of taking care of herself as a CPA until her health degenerated due repeated beatings to her head from her then husband.

We have all heard the stories about how a grandmother has told her grown daughter that she is the bread winners in the family now that she is child bearing age and can increase the family income by bearing more children. The following website documents the story:

This path is only taking our beloved country faster toward a socialist government that cares for its voters and forcing the rich to pay for the poor. What happens when the rich no longer have any money?

Personally I would rather be homeless and live in a tent than take money from the government.




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