The Amateur

I recently read the book “The Amateur” by Edward Klein. It was one of the first non-fiction book that I felt compelled to finish and not set aside hoping to relieve my boredom. As I think back about the book it seems that I was hearing an inside gossip story about Obama and his staff at the White House.
It compelled me to look at the reliability of Klein’s statements and his history I took the natural step and looked him up on Google. Low and behold the only reports I saw were negative reviews on Klein and his previous books from the left-leaning liberals.  There was one comment that claimed even the conservatives did not believe Klein’s books and stories. The Democratic attack dogs are in full attack mode.
Yet, I was unable to find any articles written from any conservative perspective. Was I to believe that the only people that felt they needed to comment were the liberals? There was one article that challenged Klein’s ethics in how he questioned Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s preacher that was shunted aside by Obama when it became known that Wright preaches racial bigotry and intolerance to his church.  Klein had reported that Wright was offered $150,000 indirectly to stop his speaking out and creating a potential negative to Obama’s 2008 campaign. Every politico has one or more of those types in his or her background. Obama’s happened to be an overt racist and bigot.
Since the Clinton administration the Democrats have taken a strong stance to portray the individual that writes or brings any embarrassing subject to the media as less than a solid citizen and one that is only bearing a grudge against the Democrat that is being attacked. There is a strong case made that the story is less than quality journalism and should be shunted aside as pure rubbish.  The attack-dogs are attacking the man behind the story as not credible and implying that the story is rubbish from a man that only prints rubbish.
There is no doubt that Obama has many of the characteristics described in Klein’s book. Many people that have written about Obama have mentioned the same characteristics. The only one that I was not completely familiar with was “thin-skinned” in Klein’s description how Obama reacted to any criticism of Obama’s policies or Obama’s managerial talent.
The Obama administration is now on its fourth Chief of Staff. Klein outlines several personal conflicts with each one with Valerie Jarrett and how she appears to have both Barrack and Michelle’s personal confidence.  It is very important that the people that work for you have your trust and you know that they will do what is best for the country and you as president.
Yet from the 2008 Presidential Campaign until today there has been a strong undercurrent this administration has done nothing of substance warranting their position in the White House? Obama is known as a very substantial speaker and ability to persuade people to his side of any argument. Why was Chicago not given the Olympics after Obama’s full court press on the Olympic Committee?
If we are to doubt Klein’s conclusion we would have to look at what the Obama Administration has done for United States of America. Obama directed his energies toward Healthcare that the people don’t want as indicated by the poll numbers of 60% + against his signature legislation. We have an economy that is going nowhere. The Arabs show less respect for America now than they did when George W. Bush was president.
Somewhere the truth lies between what the naysayers say and what Klein says. Now we all get to determine who is closer to the truth. With the Obama political machine and how they convinced everyone that voted for Obama that he was messianic I suspect that most people believe Klein.


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