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The United States Supreme Court surprised everyone Thursday with the initial mention saying that Obamacare was overturned as a penalty and then within 30 seconds reversed the comment and said that Obamacare was allowed as a tax. Chief Justice Roberts put the nation on edge with the initial reaction that was immediately turned making a smaller percentage of the people happy than happy. The majority of the people are against Obamacare and with the upcoming increase in taxes effective January 1, 2013 and not receiving any additional health benefits until 2014 it is easy to understand why.

Ron Elving of NPR, a radio commentator indicated that Chief Justice Roberts had told him that Roberts did not want the Court to be politically divided during his time as Chief Justice and this act was designed to prove that the Supreme Court was not a political court for the benefit of the political party in control. Without Chief Justice Roberts’ actual testimony on the subject we will never know if that is true or not. It is doubtful that Roberts will let us know any time soon,.

What are the immediate events that will take place as a result of this ruling? There will now be a presidential race that will focus entirely on Obamacare where the majority of the people did not want to have the government involved in their healthcare. the Republicans are going to raise the fever exciting the base to get out and vote for Republicans in Congress and for Mitt Romney for one reason and only one reason: to repeal Obamacare. The economy will not recover anytime soon as businesses will not be able to see any relief in the near term as there will be a substantial tax increase of $1-Trillion effective January 1, 2013 so that Obamacare can be paid when the benefits begin for a minority of the people in 2014.

In an additional ruling the Supreme Court did say that the states were not required to sign onto the Medicaid increases. Just this morning I was listening to Diane Rehm Show on NPR where Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post calmly stated that the states would happily accept any additional Medicaid money from the federal government as it was “free money.” It is not clear that Tumulty understands that the money is a direct result of the taxes that she and the tax paying citizens of USA are providing and it certainly is not free. I don’t understand how a newspaper would pay Ms. Tumulty to write for them when she does not understand that taxpayer money is not free but earned from the sweat of the taxpayers. Perhaps the Washington Post needs to refresh Ms. Tumulty’s media expertise like the British government had to do with the BBC reporters to learn what the obvious is or is not.

Meanwhile the House of Representatives will schedule a vote to repeal Obamacare for the week after the Fourth of July. But the real impact will be during the presidential election along with the Senate elections that could easily swing back to the Republicans and ensure that the Congress along with the Republican president will repeal Obamacare. So prepare for a Republican onslaught on Obamacare coupled with the bad economy and tax increase associated with Obamacare.

It seems to be apparent the Democrats did not predict the majority of the people have not taken to Obamacare and are adamantly opposed to Obamacare to the point they want to vote the current rash of Democrats and president out of office. Now between today and November 6 we will hear all the political parties going after the voters’ attention to get them out to vote for them.

During the brief history of our beloved USA it has been clear that when the government gets involved with personal issues such as medical care, taxes, choice or Social Security the government only makes it worse than it was.



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USADA Snowballing Lance and Team

Lance Armstrong faces sanction from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and has been banned from triathlon competition until the resolution of the investigation. The Washington Post reported June 13 that USADA has sent the seven-time Tour de France champion and others a 15-page letter outlining the allegations that stem from his run with the U.S. Postal Service and Discovery team between 1998 and 2005, as well as his comeback in 2009-2010.


USADA alleges that Armstrong is among six individuals at the center of the investigation. Others reportedly named in the letter include RadioShack-Nissan manager Johan Bruyneel, Doctors Michele Ferrari, Pedro Celaya and Luis Garcia del Moral, and trainer Jose Pepi Marti.

This investigation appears to have some motive that is designed to punish those that are accused without actual proof of any transgression. Lance has been tested over 500 times and not once has he been tested positive.

The charges appear to be based on the investigation that was dropped by the federal prosecutor for lack of evidence. It is well known that when USADA charges an athletic they are guilty and cannot buck the system to prove their innocence even when they are innocent. So it is assumed that Lance and his support team will be found guilty of being in the cross-hairs of USADA and will lose all they have gained through the 14-year period USADA is investigating.

USADA alleged it had collected blood samples from Armstrong in 2009 and 2010 that were “fully consistent with blood manipulation including EPO use and/or blood transfusions.” If that is the case why did USADA not charge Lance when the samples were taken and tested? Yes, the USADA says that they could not investigate while the federal prosecutor was investigating. But there is apparent hope from USADA that Lance would be prosecuted and then they could take all his accomplishments away. Yet they do not have any positive tests to validate their claims until two years after the event was supposedly occurred.

History has shown that the athletes have had to spend millions of dollars to defend themselves only to understand they had not a chance against USADA charges regardless of guilt or innocence.

When you hear that these charges are a vendetta, you can believe that is exactly what is happening. USADA for some strange reason wants to claim they cleaned up a sport that had rampant drug users and prove they are capable of ruining the lives of people that have yet to be tested positive for any banned substances. This is indeed a kangaroo court and we can predict that they will do anything they can to discredit Lance Armstrong and his support staff.

Shame on you USADA. Slap your hands USADA.

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Obama Reaches out to the Latinos

Every president with a Congress that opposes him has to face a difficult task to get his agenda passed into law. Our current president has taken his agenda to a new level in this term and has reached out with a grasp for his re-election bid by giving a bone to the Latino illegals immigrants that were brought to USA as children under the age of 16 and are still under the age of 30. He wants them to become guest workers for two years. He claims that these illegal immigrants deserve to not have to look over their shoulders hoping to avoid deportation to a country they no longer remember but were born there.

Yes, president Obama has given the Latinos a bone so they will vote for him. Obama in a desperate attempt to regain a positive position in the presidential race made a very politically-tainted election year attempt to salvage his failing campaign for re-election. By issuing a presidential order allowing illegal immigrant children that arrived in USA before were 16 years old and attended our high schools or served in one of our military services and stayed out of our jails the right to register to be allowed to work for up to two years. They must also be younger than 30 years old. This act will affect at most 800,000 illegal immigrants and will not give them a path to citizenship or even a permanent resident status that will allow them to stop looking over their shoulder fearing that they will be arrested and deported back to their birth country where they do not know because they have grown accustomed to American ways.

It is a conditional and temporary change of status. The presidential order will only last for two years or until the next president rescind this order. Then those illegal residents will have to start looking over their shoulders once again.

This is a clear decision hoping to regain his momentum in key swing states like Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and elsewhere. Many political strategists claim that Obama must win key swing vote states like Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada and he is giving them a chance to overcome the negative that the Obama administration has done by increasing the deportation practices in this term.

Yes, they all think they are getting in line for becoming future citizens and will register for the next two years to help Obama get re-elected when they are getting in line to register. It is a move designed to make the Latino community think that Obama is their savior and will work to give them permanent status if he is elected for a second term. But isn’t that just what he promised before his first term?

But what has Obama done for the citizens of USA?

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Governmental Leaks

David Sanger and the New York Times recently published an article that portrayed president Barrack Obama as a hero in the sense that Obama is seen as a decisive leader that knows the risks and makes the decisions that eliminates the nation’s threats and inadvertently puts Obama as the military leader that he has not been perceived in his presidential term. The three issues are the killing of Osama bin Laden, the continued use of drones to further eliminate al Qaeda leaders that hide in Pakistan and Yemen and the cyber attack on Iran’s atomic power program that everyone but Iran feels is for the nuclear bomb.

Obama was perceived when bin Laden was killed as the leader that signed a document that allowed him an escape clause in the authorization document that would have put all blame for the failure of the mission directly on the military team executing the mission.  Valerie Jarrett was so against the mission that she advised against and went off in the White House to be with Michelle during the mission to avoid anyone claiming she was involved in the decision making process. From previous articles we know and understand that Valarie Jarrett has a tremendous influence on our esteemed leader and his beloved wife Michelle. 

David Sanger was a guest commenter on Diane Rhem’s NPR talk show Friday where he claimed he had several unnamed sources for his conclusions and reporting and even had given the Obama Administration opportunity to prevent  the entire story from being written as it was.  The administration did prevent the publication of what they considered national secrets from being aired. However they did not stop the article portrayal of Obama being heavily involved in the decisions for the naming of the people on the American “Kill List” from going public or that he ordered the cyber attack on Iran.

The after affect of the NY Times article is that Senator John McCain claimed that the Obama administration leaked critical and secret information to the media with the intent to further Obama’s political career.  Now Diane Feldstein has taken up the cry that national security has been violated and the Department of Justice needs to investigate the leaks and prosecute the offenders.

Friday Attorney General Alan Holder announced that the DOJ is investigating the leaks. There is serious questions regarding the DOJ’s ability to find the complete truth about the leaks leading to a cover up of the investigation or a lack or a competent investigation. 

There is little doubt that the Obama administration is hoping that the independent voters will see him as a strong leader.  However, the damage is being done with the liberals believing that he has deserted their anti-war stance that has carried them since the Vietnam war.

Does Obama really have a chance with this upcoming election?

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Public Sector Unions lose to Walker

Wisconsin suffered through a nasty and bitter fight with public sector unions trying to oust the governor that put a stop to many of the unions’ feeding from the public taxpayers’ trough.

One of the most egregious union scams Walker dispensed with was the requirement — won in collective bargaining — that all school districts purchase health insurance from the same provider. The monopolist insurer was WEA Trust, which happens to be affiliated with the teachers union. Simply by eliminating this union boondoggle, Walker has already saved individual school districts millions of dollars per year, which could easily rise to hundreds of millions of dollars. (Most districts still get their health insurance from WEA Trust, but the mere threat of competition forced it to lower its price.)

While the police and firefighter unions have used 911 to validate their hero status even though the only departments involved were from New York City, all fire and police departments used that hero status and fame to push for more benefits and higher wages from the local municipalities to the point of pushing those cities to near bankruptcy.

Recently a group of fire fighters were buying groceries in a local Texas grocery store and carrying their steaks to the check out counter to pay for them. When a woman got upset with them spending the taxpayers money on steak when she could not afford to buy a steak for her and her family. She was so intense against the firefighters eating better than she could afford that she forced them to return the steaks and leave the store seeking a different meal. They were using her money to live better than she could afford and she was upset.

Taxpayers are not happy with the government workers taking home better pay and better benefits at the taxpayers expense.

Now the proverbial floodgates have opened and it looks like more and more states need to push legislation through to restrict the public sector unions negotiating power and lower the pay and benefits back to at least level with the private sector. Balance and budgets need to be restored to states and cities throughout the land.

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