Public Sector Unions lose to Walker

Wisconsin suffered through a nasty and bitter fight with public sector unions trying to oust the governor that put a stop to many of the unions’ feeding from the public taxpayers’ trough.

One of the most egregious union scams Walker dispensed with was the requirement — won in collective bargaining — that all school districts purchase health insurance from the same provider. The monopolist insurer was WEA Trust, which happens to be affiliated with the teachers union. Simply by eliminating this union boondoggle, Walker has already saved individual school districts millions of dollars per year, which could easily rise to hundreds of millions of dollars. (Most districts still get their health insurance from WEA Trust, but the mere threat of competition forced it to lower its price.)

While the police and firefighter unions have used 911 to validate their hero status even though the only departments involved were from New York City, all fire and police departments used that hero status and fame to push for more benefits and higher wages from the local municipalities to the point of pushing those cities to near bankruptcy.

Recently a group of fire fighters were buying groceries in a local Texas grocery store and carrying their steaks to the check out counter to pay for them. When a woman got upset with them spending the taxpayers money on steak when she could not afford to buy a steak for her and her family. She was so intense against the firefighters eating better than she could afford that she forced them to return the steaks and leave the store seeking a different meal. They were using her money to live better than she could afford and she was upset.

Taxpayers are not happy with the government workers taking home better pay and better benefits at the taxpayers expense.

Now the proverbial floodgates have opened and it looks like more and more states need to push legislation through to restrict the public sector unions negotiating power and lower the pay and benefits back to at least level with the private sector. Balance and budgets need to be restored to states and cities throughout the land.


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