Governmental Leaks

David Sanger and the New York Times recently published an article that portrayed president Barrack Obama as a hero in the sense that Obama is seen as a decisive leader that knows the risks and makes the decisions that eliminates the nation’s threats and inadvertently puts Obama as the military leader that he has not been perceived in his presidential term. The three issues are the killing of Osama bin Laden, the continued use of drones to further eliminate al Qaeda leaders that hide in Pakistan and Yemen and the cyber attack on Iran’s atomic power program that everyone but Iran feels is for the nuclear bomb.

Obama was perceived when bin Laden was killed as the leader that signed a document that allowed him an escape clause in the authorization document that would have put all blame for the failure of the mission directly on the military team executing the mission.  Valerie Jarrett was so against the mission that she advised against and went off in the White House to be with Michelle during the mission to avoid anyone claiming she was involved in the decision making process. From previous articles we know and understand that Valarie Jarrett has a tremendous influence on our esteemed leader and his beloved wife Michelle. 

David Sanger was a guest commenter on Diane Rhem’s NPR talk show Friday where he claimed he had several unnamed sources for his conclusions and reporting and even had given the Obama Administration opportunity to prevent  the entire story from being written as it was.  The administration did prevent the publication of what they considered national secrets from being aired. However they did not stop the article portrayal of Obama being heavily involved in the decisions for the naming of the people on the American “Kill List” from going public or that he ordered the cyber attack on Iran.

The after affect of the NY Times article is that Senator John McCain claimed that the Obama administration leaked critical and secret information to the media with the intent to further Obama’s political career.  Now Diane Feldstein has taken up the cry that national security has been violated and the Department of Justice needs to investigate the leaks and prosecute the offenders.

Friday Attorney General Alan Holder announced that the DOJ is investigating the leaks. There is serious questions regarding the DOJ’s ability to find the complete truth about the leaks leading to a cover up of the investigation or a lack or a competent investigation. 

There is little doubt that the Obama administration is hoping that the independent voters will see him as a strong leader.  However, the damage is being done with the liberals believing that he has deserted their anti-war stance that has carried them since the Vietnam war.

Does Obama really have a chance with this upcoming election?


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