Obama Reaches out to the Latinos

Every president with a Congress that opposes him has to face a difficult task to get his agenda passed into law. Our current president has taken his agenda to a new level in this term and has reached out with a grasp for his re-election bid by giving a bone to the Latino illegals immigrants that were brought to USA as children under the age of 16 and are still under the age of 30. He wants them to become guest workers for two years. He claims that these illegal immigrants deserve to not have to look over their shoulders hoping to avoid deportation to a country they no longer remember but were born there.

Yes, president Obama has given the Latinos a bone so they will vote for him. Obama in a desperate attempt to regain a positive position in the presidential race made a very politically-tainted election year attempt to salvage his failing campaign for re-election. By issuing a presidential order allowing illegal immigrant children that arrived in USA before were 16 years old and attended our high schools or served in one of our military services and stayed out of our jails the right to register to be allowed to work for up to two years. They must also be younger than 30 years old. This act will affect at most 800,000 illegal immigrants and will not give them a path to citizenship or even a permanent resident status that will allow them to stop looking over their shoulder fearing that they will be arrested and deported back to their birth country where they do not know because they have grown accustomed to American ways.

It is a conditional and temporary change of status. The presidential order will only last for two years or until the next president rescind this order. Then those illegal residents will have to start looking over their shoulders once again.

This is a clear decision hoping to regain his momentum in key swing states like Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and elsewhere. Many political strategists claim that Obama must win key swing vote states like Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada and he is giving them a chance to overcome the negative that the Obama administration has done by increasing the deportation practices in this term.

Yes, they all think they are getting in line for becoming future citizens and will register for the next two years to help Obama get re-elected when they are getting in line to register. It is a move designed to make the Latino community think that Obama is their savior and will work to give them permanent status if he is elected for a second term. But isn’t that just what he promised before his first term?

But what has Obama done for the citizens of USA?


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