What’s Up?

Lately the constant back and forth between the political parties for the 2012 Election has been very entertaining.
Romney decided on his vice presidential candidate. Immediately the Republicans say that they have a principled man that has taken Obama to task for Obamacare in just six minutes with the video shown on YouTube.
But the Democrats countered by saying that Congressman Ryan from Wisconsin provides controversy with his budget plans and his plans to take down Medicaid and Social Security. 
With Romney’s plan that has fewer taxes for the rich as a methodology for improving the economy motivating Obama to use the evil twin of Robin Hood as “Romney Hood.”
We cannot forget that Romney while visiting England and mentioning that the British had some problems with their security issues when the contractor for security was several thousand people short of the projected manpower needed. The mainstream media attacked Romney and used his comment as indications of his lack of ability in International relations. The British Prime Minister even threw in that if he had a city the size of London he would have security issues instead of the sticks in Utah.
Obama made a comment to small business owners that have built their businesses throughout the country and telling them that they did not build their own business. Obama feels that the government helped them build their businesses more than the individual owner contributed. (I am still trying to understand how a community organizer builds an estate of $10-12 million as indicated in his tax returns.)
There was an ad aired where a man indicated that Romney killed his wife when Bain Capital bought out the company he worked for and cancelled his health insurance. His wife died from cancer and it was directly Romney’s responsibility. The facts were that Bain Capital did buy out the company but it was long after Romney departed. His wife had cancer and passed away after a very aggressive cancer claimed her life in 2006, long after the man departed the company while she had health insurance from the company that employed her. The segment was inaccurately trying to inflame emotion against Romney. Once the facts came out there was a significant amount of egg on the Obama people’s faces.
The Democrats claim that Obama is leading in all the polls throughout the country. Dick Morris the Republican that ran President Clinton’s campaigns claims that the polls are being presented incorrectly by mainstream media. The mainstream media wants Obama to win re-election and they think that by telling their audiences that Obama is winning the audiences will eventually vote for Obama again.
Romney campaign picked up $3.5 million within 24 hours after the announcement that Congressman Ryan joined the ticket. Meanwhile in 2008 when Obama announced Joe Biden as his vice presidential candidate Obama fund raising was less than the month before. How important is the fund raising when Romney is out raising Obama each and every month reported since becoming the assumptive Republican candidate?
Mainstream media and Congress both have an approval rating close to 12%. Yet both mainstream media and Congress feel they are much more important and that they know what the people need better than the people.
Conservative black U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, says an ad that depicts him punching white women plays on racial stereotypes and would make liberals “apoplectic” if a Republican ran it against a black Democrat. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are saying nothing. The ad was run by American Sunrise, a PAC that is largely financed by the father of Democratic congressional candidate Patrick Murphy.
Deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter of the Obama Campaign Defends President’s $700 Billion Cuts to Medicare as one of Obama’s cost cutting measures.
According to Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany, the best way to cure morning sickness during pregnancy is sperm from oral sex.  But not just any sperm, it should be the sperm of the person who got you pregnant.
There you have it. What’s Up in the news on Sunday August 12, 2012. 


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One response to “What’s Up?

  1. Nick Kentopp

    You’re taking the facts we all know or can easily find so as confirm and show the truth will be twisted to entice support. Intelligence, true facts, and good common sense are essential from us, or we are selling out. Lies are common place now which is nothing less than evil. Your summaries are appreciated.

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