What’s Up: August 17, 2012

As the world turns there is a constant state of flux in our America lives. Here is the latest this week.

* Mainstream Media claims that it is Obama vs. Ryan in the campaign in Iowa this week. Since when does the vice president candidate go up against the sitting president? Has the Mainstream Media lowered Obama to the level of vice president? Or is it that Ryan is worthy of crossing swords with Obama against the budget and putting the president down successfully? It may actually be that Obama is finally getting the recognition he deserves from the mainstream media.

* Democrats, though, have wasted no time ramping up their attacks against him as they try to make hay out of the controversial Medicare plan he authored as House Budget Committee chairman. The Obama campaign went up with a new web video Monday morning timed for Romney’s arrival in senior-heavy Florida. The ad ended with the message that is already a Democratic talking point: “Romney-Ryan, ending Medicare as we know it.”


* Obama adviser David Axelrod, on “CBS This Morning,” also likened the “excitement” surrounding Ryan to that surrounding the Sarah Palin pick in 2008. Axelrod said he thinks the selection of Ryan, who is popular with Tea Party figures, is “not going to be a plus for Mr. Romney.”

* Meanwhile Romney/Ryan campaign events draw thousands more than with just Romney. The Tea Party is excited. Sarah Palin promises to help prevent the Democrats from trashing Ryan’s reputation intact.

* Romney claims “If you follow the campaign of Barack Obama, he’s going to do everything in his power to make this the lowest, meanest, negative campaign in history. We’re not going to let that happen. This is going to be a campaign about ideas, about the future of America,” * Romney said. “Mr. President, take your campaign out of the gutter. Let’s talk about the real issues that America faces.”

* Perhaps Romney should ask Obama to release his grades from Harvard Law School, Occidental and Columbia proving that he actually attended.

* Obama wants “Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared?” Obama asked. “Or do we go backward to the same policies that got us in the mess in the first place?”

* Didn’t communism prove that governmental process to be faulty as soon as the people found they did not have to work didn’t? But isn’t that why we have so many families on welfare?

* This Monday the Treasury Department announced in a new report the USA government expects to lose more than $25 billion on the $85 billion auto bailout. That’s 15 percent higher than its previous forecast. And the actual loss may be larger. It looks like the Unions won the stimulus bailout by keeping their jobs and getting the USA taxpayers to pay the bill. Perhaps letting the auto industry go bankrupt may have been a better idea.

* VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: “They’ve said it. Every Republican’s voted for it. Look at what they value and look at their budget and what they’re proposing. Romney wants to let the—he said in the first 100 days, he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules–unchain Wall Street. They’re going to put y’all back in chains. He’s said he’s going to do nothing about stopping the practice of outsourcing.”


* Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter says the campaign has “no problem” with Vice President Joe Biden’s comment about putting people back in chains. “I think he probably agrees with Joe Biden’s sentiments,” Cutter said on behalf of President Obama. “He’s using a metaphor to talk about what’s going to happen.” “I appreciate the faux outrage from the Romney campaign,” Cutter said in reaction to a statement from the campaign. “If you want to talk about the use of words then take a look at Mitt Romney’s stump speech where he basically calls the president un-American.” “The bottom line is that we have no problem with those comments,” Cutter said.

* Documents and a whistle-blower affidavit obtained by The Daily Caller charge that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., and Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., participated in an unethical — and possibly illegal — effort to force 76 employees of an Illinois state agency to engage in political activity on the taxpayers’ dime.

According to the whistle-blower, Rev. Jackson also encouraged the government employees to load first-generation and low-income college students up with student loan debt — because Democrats in Congress, he allegedly promised, would eventually pass laws to forgive that debt later. “[T]hose people will continue to vote Democratic,” Jackson Sr. said, according to the whistle-blower.

* Obama’s campaign stop at the Iowa State Fair costs the Beer Tent owner at least $25,000. The owner has not returned the Obama campaign calls. He also claims that he did not vote for Obama last time and won’t vote for him this time.

* A former four-term Democratic congressman from Alabama and one time strong supporter of President Barack Obama will campaign for Mitt Romney Wednesday. A Romney campaign aide confirms to CNN that Artur Davis will stump for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in the battleground state of Virginia.

* “The Amateur,” a stinging portrayal of President Barack Obama’s leadership, ratcheted up to the New York Times No. 2 bestsellers slot, according to the NYT’s latest list released Wednesday, heading toward the top as Americans’ political convention reading begins in earnest this week. The book was No. 5 on the Aug. 19 list and was No. 1 as recently as July 8. The book, on the NYT list for 13 weeks, is currently the only book about President Obama in the Top 10 nonfiction hardcover category. Not surprisingly, the book has been challenged, with critics on the left calling it “thinly sourced” and attempting to discredit Klein, who once worked for the New York Times. The standard tactic when the Left has anything published showing them less than perfect.

* DAVENPORT, Iowa — Ross Murty likes business, but he doesn’t like President Obama. And so the co-owner of the Village Corner Deli here agreed to cater Obama’s visit Wednesday — but not before donning a T-shirt blaring the message: “Government didn’t build my business. I did.” The White House performs background checks on contractors for security reasons, but it does not vet them for their political views. Also, the caterers are hired to provide food for the White House press corps, which pays for the food, even though the White House makes the arrangements. The Obama campaign had no comment on Murty’s T-shirt.

* Ecuador has granted asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange two months after he took refuge in its London embassy while fighting extradition from the UK. It cited fears that Mr. Assange’s human rights might be violated. Foreign Secretary William Hague said the UK would not allow Mr. Assange safe passage out of the country. Mr. Assange took refuge at the embassy in June to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces questioning over assault and rape claims, which he denies. Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino accused the UK of making an “open threat” to enter its embassy to arrest Mr. Assange, an Australian national.

* She was an attorney at a big Chicago law firm. He was a Harvard Law student who landed a job there as a summer associate. He was immediately smitten. She wasn’t so sure. But he won her over, and the couple sealed their budding romance with a kiss at the Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Hyde Park. So goes the story of how Michelle and Barack Obama fell in love in 1989. And on Wednesday, a historical marker went up at the corner of Dorchester Avenue and 53rd Street noting the exact location where the couple had their first smooch. A quote from President Obama, taken from an interview published in “O, The Oprah Magazine” in February 2007, is inscribed beneath an embedded photo of the couple. “On our first date, I treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer, our dinner table doubling as the curb. I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate.” As landscapers added the finishing touches, placing orange impatiens around the boulder placed in a flower bed near the entrance of the Dorchester Commons shopping center, curious residents trickled by to snap pictures. The 3,000-pound granite boulder, commissioned by the owners of Dorchester Commons, was 2 1/2 years in the making, according to Jonelle Kearney, a spokeswoman for Mid-America Asset Management, which manages the shopping center. She said the idea came about after several queries from visitors.

* Bain Capital, the investment firm that Mitt Romney made famous, made a leveraged buyout that saved the site of Barack and Michelle Obamas’ first kiss. In 2005, Bain and two other private equity firms purchased Dunkin’ Brands Incorporated for $2.425 billion, according to a 2006 company press release. Dunkin’ Brands is the parent company of Baskin-Robbins, at whose Hyde Park, Chicago location the president and his future wife Michelle went on their first date — and shared their first lip lock. President Obama took the first lady out on a date in 1989 when the two worked at the same Chicago law firm, according to a Chicago Tribune article. A 3,000-pound granite boulder now occupies the corner of Dorchester and 53rd Street, outside the ice cream parlor, bearing a quote about the couple’s first date.

* The White House is staying with Joe Biden for the Democratic ticket this November. White House Spokesman Jay Carney said it was an attempt to distract from the message because “the other side is losing these policy debates pretty overwhelmingly.”

* “Crumb and Get It” in Radford, VA had to shut down at 1:15 p.m. Thursday because they ran out of food. Wednesday morning, advance teams for Vice President Joe Biden walked in. “I approached her she said Joe Biden is coming to town today,” McMurray said. “Crumb and Get It” is a mom and pop store. Literally, Chris and his wife Kelly run the place and need all the business they can get. McMurray said the Vice President’s entourage got to the point and made its pitch. “She said they have selected ‘Crumb and Get It” to be his stop on his way to Blacksburg and was wondering if that was ok.” Here’s the part that might make other business owners crazy. “This is an opportunity of a lifetime but essentially I said ‘No offense to you or the campaign but I just decline you guys coming in here. At that time she said ‘Are you sure? There’s going to be a lot of press, a lot of activity,’” McMurray said. Why in the world would a new business owner say “no” to a photo op with the Vice President of the United States? Here’s the back story, we’re told that shortly after Crumb and Get It told Biden’s advance people ‘no’ — the secret service walked in and told Chris McMurray ”Thanks for standing up and saying ‘no’ — then they bought a whole bunch of cookies and cupcakes.

* On Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s The Cycle the group discussed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney‘s assertion that President Obama should “take his campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.” Co-host Touré saw what he believes to be explicit racial connotations beneath what Romney was saying, calling it the “niggerization” of the campaign.

Is this going too far for the liberals? Touré is black.

* A prominent Saudi Arabian religious cleric declared that the Holocaust is an “exaggeration” and that Jewish people consume the blood of children during a wide-ranging interview with an Arabic television station. Saudi cleric Salman Al-Odeh, a well-known scholar revered by millions globally, went on a lengthy tirade against the Jews during an interview Monday in which he stated that “the role of the Jews is to wreak destruction, to wage war, and to practice deception and extortion,” according to a translation of his remarks by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). Al-Odeh ranted about the use of human blood in Jewish religious rituals, a notorious anti-Semitic smear commonly referred to as a “blood libel.” “It is well known that the Jews celebrate several holidays, one of which is the Passover, or the matzos holiday,” he said. “I read once about a doctor who was working in a laboratory. This doctor lived with a Jewish family. One day, they said to him: ‘We want blood, get us some human blood,’” Al-Odeh explained. Sheikh and Muslim scholar, Al-Ouda is a member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars and on its Board of Trustees. He is a director of the Arabic edition of the website Islam Today and appears on a number of TV shows and authors newspaper articles.

* Supposedly Hillary Clinton told Valerie Jarrett that she was not interested in replacing Joe Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket for 2012 according to The Amateur author Ed Klein who has sources deep in the Clinton camp and he said that they said she is eager for a rest followed by a makeover. “She clearly is exhausted. She needs to lose weight and get her energy back for a four-year slog.” He added that Obama has never talked to Clinton about replacing Biden. The reason, said Klein, is that Obama was afraid she would turn him down and Bill Clinton would leak the snub to the media.

* Obama is known at the Food Stamp President for the following reason:


* Why does Mainstream Media only ask Romney for his tax records? Why are they not asking Obama for any of his records that he has paid so much money to keep hidden?


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