Husker Fans–How Loyal are They?

As I have observed this season I have seen one of the best football coaches that has graced Tom and Nancy Osborne Field and Memorial Stadium at the level of Coaching Legends of the likes of Dana Bible, Bob Devaney and Dr. Tom Osborne lambasted for his 2013 team for not winning enough football games.

The following is a prime example of a Husker fan that thinks they are in the know and have sources solidly within the Nebraska Athletic Department or so they claim. These same “Loyal Husker Fans” are quick to vocalize loudly. We have seen a video this year by an individual showing how Bo Pelini spoke poorly of the Husker Fans.


This posting was a prime example of cowardice and attacking someone that has respect of the majority of fans that are not rumor mongering. The lack of respect shown by those two Internet posters indicate one simple element: lack of respect for themselves and the coaches comprising the Nebraska Football Program that is one of the top BCS Football Programs in the country.

Writing in “More Than Winning” about why he almost left Nebraska for the Colorado job after his sixth season as NU head coach:
Osborne explains that he had started to realize that “…no matter how good the record was overall, there would be a lot of pressure to get a different coach. Lots of fans did not feel this way, but I think there were many in Nebraska who did, and they were vocal enough that they made things uncomfortable.”
“Certainly our record had not been viewed with great enthusiasm by the fans, and I think all of us were tempted to go somewhere where winning eight or nine games in a year would be appreciated to a greater degree.”
He then expounded upon what he had come to understand about the vocal critics:
“It’s occurred to me often that many problems in athletics, “perhaps most problems” result from people having an inappropriate understanding of athletics. The problem with some fans, for example, is they get their sense of worth, or lack of it, from the athletic team they support. They often have inadequate feelings about themselves, so if the team wins, the fans win. If the team loses, the fans lose and they begin to feel worse about themselves.”

Nebraska Football coaches are hard-working people that work with young men that are vulnerable and hoping to learn valuable life lessons at the same University I attended and learned valuable life lessons enabling them to go out and contribute to the country and make their parents, Nebraska Football coaches and Nebraska proud.  Something that the current coaching staff is doing a very good job accomplishing.

What the majority of the respectable and truly loyal Huskers Fans need to do is to not give any credence to the cowards posting and attacking for their lack of adequacy. If my child were to post this type of tripe I would demand the immediate withdrawal of such posting or claim and require an apology from that child just as my father would have done if I were to lower my standards to the level the above two cowards have. Those two cowards need to be held accountable for their inappropriate behavior. Where are their parents?  Why have they not done what any responsible parent should do?

This is a teachable moment.  Did you teach your children how to react to this inappropriate act?


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One response to “Husker Fans–How Loyal are They?

  1. Strapiron

    Nebraska fans are very loyal. Hard on the coaches and the team at times, but loyal. If I put as much money and effort as many that I know do towards the program, I might feel the same way. Bottom line is, to me, loyalty is honorable and just, chastisement to the level mentioned is not, and the intense financial support is inane, especially if it feeds perceived justification for the said negative behavior.

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