Why aren’t the poor storming the barricades?

Jan 21st 2014, 19:24 by S.M. | NEW YORK

MATT MILLER of the Washington Post has a hunch: there hasn’t been a “broader revolt” of the underclass against rising income inequality, he writes, because the poor don’t experience inequality as intolerable.

PdC – It has become too easy for the poor to become dependent on the government programs that allow them to live in Poverty with an income from the government. Today, I heard on NPR a woman wanting to have President Obama increase government spending on science by taxing the wealthy more. This was her comment on what she wanted President Obama to present in his State of the Union message this week.  She apparently has the ideal that the wealthy can pay for science simply by having the government put a larger tax burden on them and thus equalizing the tax burden from the poor onto the wealthy. Her antidotal evidence validates this premise allowing her to accomplish what she feels the government needs to do helping her increase science spending.


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