The Supreme Court swallows faked global warming data

EDITORIAL: Rigged ‘science’

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – Monday, June 23, 2014

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

A fractured Supreme Court on Monday largely upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s radical rule designed to shut down the power plants that produce the most affordable electricity. The justices continue to accept the EPA’s labeling of carbon dioxide as a “pollutant.” This harmless gas, the agency insists, is melting the planet.

Only the brave deny man’s responsibility for super-heating the globe in precincts where the wise and wonderful (just ask them) gather to reassure each other than they know best. “We know the trends,” President Obama told the graduates at the University of California at Irvine the other day. “The 18 warmest years on record have all happened since you graduates were born.”

The charts and graphs devised by NASA and the government’s other science agencies back up the president’s words. And well they should, because the charts, like the “science,” were faked.

The “Steven Goddard Real Science” blog compares the raw U.S. temperature records from the Energy Department’s United States Historical Climatology Network to the “final” processed figures, to demonstrate how the historical data have been “corrected,” using computer modeling.

The modifications made to the past temperature record had the effect of cooling the 20th century, which makes temperatures over the last 14 years appear much warmer by comparison. Such changes don’t square with history, which shows the decade of the 1930s the hottest on record. The Dust Bowl storms were so severe they sent clouds of debris from Texas and Oklahoma to the East Coast, even darkening the skies over the U.S. Capitol one day in 1934.

In an inconvenient article from 1999, written before the data had been “corrected,” James Hansen, then a NASA scientist, acknowledged that the climate had held steady after the Dust Bowl storms. “In the U.S.,” wrote Mr. Hansen, “there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country.” Mr. Hansen, recognized as a godfather of the global warming doom criers, then predicted that the first decade of the 21st century would be even hotter than the 1930s.

To produce this hotter result, the scientists “adjusted” the temperature records to make it appear so. NASA redrew the temperature chart Mr. Hansen used in 1999, and the new chart shows a dramatically cooled 1930s. The 1990s that Mr. Hansen once said were not so hot became warmer than the 1930s.

With the global warming scam unraveling before his very eyes, President Obama and his administration want action now. “The question is not whether we need to act,” says Mr. Obama. “The overwhelming judgment of science, accumulated and measured and reviewed over decades, has put that question to rest. The question is whether we have the will to act before it’s too late.”

Too late for what? The planetary thermometer hasn’t budged in 15 years. Wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and other “extreme” weather events are at normal or below-normal levels. Pacific islands aren’t submerged. There’s so much ice the polar bears are celebrating.

Opinion polls show the public figured out that global warming was all hype years ago, but the judges still haven’t heard the news. The usually unflappable Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the Monday opinion, joined by the four liberal justices and assorted conservatives who agreed only in part, and disagreed in other parts of the opinion. The high court justices missed an opportunity to reverse the EPA premise that all humans are “polluters” because they exhale. It’s not supposed to be easy to dupe a judge, but the global warming scientists have done it.

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PdC – The issue called Climate Change after first being called Global Warming is a classic example of both sides convinced they are right and “the other side is wrong.” There are articles supporting both sides with scientific data supporting both arguments as well. That is sad because the world’s population suffers through the argument of the “fools” and has no immediate impact on the argument.

I firmly believe that we need to protect Mother Earth and take care of her. Yet I read examples where allowing the native wolf population back into an area allowed the habitat to regenerate and soil erosion was reduced because the over grazing from the wildlife was reduced directly relating to the decrease is the deer and elk population in the habitat.

The Left presents all the science and claims that mankind is destroying the planet with an increase in C02. Yet I have seen data supporting the claim that CO2 levels are consistent with previous measured CO2 levels of previous centuries. Who are we to believe? Can we believe anyone? I know for a fact that I cannot believe anything president Obama claims about Global Climate Change. One primary reason for that is he is a politician and has no background supporting his knowing anything about Climate Change. I have more credibility in climate change assessment simply because I have a degree in Engineering and know and understand the scientific process. Yet I will be the first to admit that I do not have the climate knowledge or the data that I trust to make any claim regarding Climate Change. Yes, I am skeptical that we have too much CO2 in the atmosphere. But I have no idea who to trust telling me that the CO2 levels are changing drastically. The above article is biased.

Yes, the climate is changing. It has changed from the creation and will continue to change long after man is dead and gone. Mother Earth is a living breathing entity that changes every day depending on factors outside our atmosphere as well within our atmosphere. Sun Spots affect many climate variations on our beloved Mother Earth. Yet, are the Global Warming people clamoring to alter the sun to prevent Sun Spots?

I do believe that legislating a carbon tax is something that is based not on reality but on hearing Chicken Little scream “the sky is falling” and we need a carbon tax to finance preventing the sky from falling. In the fable Chicken Little was deemed crazy and therefore not credible. We have the Global Warmers running around much like Chicken Little and the issue has become politicized and therefore one side is claiming the issue is relevant while the other side says they are running around with their heads cut off and falsifying data.

So we have the Deniers claiming that there is absolutely not climate change as this article purports. Each side has its base of supporters.

Then there is Joe the Plumber stuck in the middle and trying to understand what is really happening.

It is clear that Global Climate Change is a political issue and therefore both sides are extreme in their perspectives. Where is reality? Somewhere in the middle and the only way that we will ever find out is to work for compromise. In today’s political environment that will not happen. Hopefully we the voting population will keep the Congressmen and President in different political parties preventing one party from gaining power and forcing bad law down our throats.


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