Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

As I sit here pondering what the pundit class is doing with itself it appears they are still spending thier  time worrying about other people and how to take them down. All of this when there is not enough time for them to check and verify facts.

What is even more sinful is they accuse the other side of not telling the truth earning them the Fake News label when they are inaccurate. Why is it so easy to blame others and not take responsibility for their actions?

So everyone else is doing Fake News and they are not responsible for every publishing Fake News.

Meanwhile mainstream media is casting aspersions and blaming President Trump for not being presidential and purveyor of Fake News while the people think so well of the media they have a 12% approval rating that claims the media has more concerns about their own agenda than in the actual news. Ratings, Rating, and Ratings are what is important to the media.

I have been a listener of NPR radio for over thirty years as NPR used to be a very well-respected broadcast news purveyor. The last few years the NPR programming includes Cokie Roberts being reminded by a conservative reporter on the air with her reminding Cokie that their job is to relay the news and not use their time to speak poorly of one of the presidential candidates.

This past week on one program the commentators were so busy speaking poorly of President Trump and laughing at their comments that they have lost all their professional journalism perspective and sounded like rumor-mongers.

NPR has reached the point where they do not have objectivity in their news although they speak as if they are holding all their standards so high that they won’t even use the word “lie” in their broadcasts. NPR has reached the point that I have found a different station to listen on my radio.


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