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Are Sarah Palin and George Stephanopoulos Understanding What Needs to be Done

Sarah Palin claims that mainstream media and the Democrats want Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination so Barrack Obama can be re-elected according to her comments on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on FOX News on Saturday during the Republican debates in New Hampshire on ABC.

This was the same debate where George Stephanopoulos the ABC debate moderator attacked Romney with pointed questioning hoping to fluster and create controversy surrounding Romney’s path to the Republican nominee.

At this point we need to consider motives of both claims.

Sarah Palin represents the consensus view of the Tea Party and their push to make the Republican party more conservative and support the agenda of the fundamentalist Christian element of the Republican party and overturning Obamacare. The Tea Party was successful with preventing moderate Republicans from being re-elected in Republican primaries in the 2010 elections. Sarah Palin opted out of running for the presidency because she felt that she could have more of an impact working with the Tea Party.

George Stephanopoulos represents a very liberal leaning news media and has history working for a past Democratic administration. Stephanopoulos stepped away from politics to work in a media that has a strong liberal leaning agenda as demonstrated Saturday night.

Throughout American history political candidates have leaned further toward their base to gain the nomination and the majority of the voters in their political part. Once the nomination is achieved the nominee would establish a more moderate agenda for the general election to gain the more moderate independents that with their party members give them the majority of the voters and electoral college votes and gaining the presidency. The only exception was the last presidential election when President Obama never clearly presented his agenda until he was in office.

We have often heard throughout this exhaustive Republican party nomination process how each candidate claims he/she is the most conservative and represents the Republican party and its best chance to get elected to presidency and overturn Obamacare. It is clear that Romney is not the most conservative nominee in the Republican party this year. He is also not he most moderate candidate.

Now we look at which agenda is the most accurate and why.

As much as I like Sarah Palin personally, what she presents appears to be leading the conservative fundamental Christians down a path that places them as a minority in their own party. More and more Republicans outside the Tea Party realize that to have a strong conservative as their nominee will not give them what they want most: repealing Obamacare.

George Stephanopoulos represents a strong base of the Democratic party that wants desperately to have Obama re-elected so they can continue pushing America further toward liberal leaning programs and laws. They pushed Obamacare down America’s throat when it was clear at the time that over 60% of America did not want their government involved in their healthcare. Healthcare that was an Democratic goal of the Clinton administration and Teddy Kennedy for decades and became Obamacare.

We hear more and more Americans claiming that Obamacare must be repealed. The Democrats want to continue to push and still claim that once Americans understand what Obamacare gives to Americans those same Americans that do not want Obamacare will become happy with another government managed program that will be understood by Americans as a great and wonderful accomplishment.

It seems that both Sarah Palin and the Democratic party do not truly understand the best path to changing Congress and the Presidency and thereby overturning Obamacare. While the Democrats do not want to overturn their signature legislation they truly do not understand that Americans does not recognize their signature as a failure.

Sarah Palin does not recognize that a moderate leaning Presidential nominee will give them the best opportunity to gain the independent voters in America and overturning Obamacare.


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