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Newt Gingrich–Can he Win or Does He Want Revenge?

ABC News airing the latest Republican debate this morning showed that Newt Gingrich attacked Mitt Romney and it appeared that Gingrich was trying to derail Romney’s front runner status. Gingrich was working to overcome the Iowa negativity from a Political Action Committee (PAC) supporting Romney that detailed Gingrich’s history in political office.

All of Gingrich’s efforts were perceived as petty and a small-minded attempt to sooth Gingrich’s ruffled feathers.

As the primary season picks up in the next two weeks it will become clear who should stay in the race for the Republican nominee and who should drop out. The more presidential each candidate behaves the better chance for that candidate to gain the nomination.

It appears that now is the time for Gingrich to step aside and return to his consulting business where he can enjoy life away from the glare of the political stage that continues to show Newt as less than the outstanding person he wants to have the voters view him. It is clear as his voter approval dwindles and will continue slide. By staying longer than he should he will only alienate more voters against him.


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