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Newt Helping Romney

It was obvious to the world that when Newt Gingrinch turned loose his Super PAC against Mitt Romney he was trying to get revenge from Romney’s Super PAC broadcasting negative advertisement against Newt.

South Carolina has been saturated with negative tidbits from Bain Capital this week and the next week. All to help Newt feel better about his negative political career being broadcast in Iowa. 

What is really happening with all this negative broadcasting?  Newt was booed today at a Huckabee Forum according to Drudge Report and airing this evening on Fox News.

Also Newt is helping the Romney team for the general election. Back in 1988 when Al Gore first brought up the Willie Horton jail release failure for Michael Dukakis the Democrats swept it under the rug attempting to hide the dirty linen. It came back to bite them during the general election when George W. H. Bush used the same jail release failure to demonstrate the Dukakis record in Massachusetts during his governorship. Dukakis was not able to overcome this failure of his record and lost the general election.

Newt will help Romney by bringing all and any actual dirty laundry from Bain Capital allowing Romney to overcome the his doomsayers in the primaries. This effort will then be a “Been there, Done that” issue for Romney in the general election when the Democrats try to undercut Romney.

Thanks for the help Newt.


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